Digital Marketing Training: Level Up Your Game

Digital Marketing training is not just buzz, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right training and the “know-how” on using zero-cost marketing techniques, you can play with the big boys too. It helps build communities. My mission is to help break down marketing terms and make it easy for you and your team to reach your marketing goals.

Michael Cheong Digital Marketing Trainer Penang

Is Digital Marketing Easy To Learn?

So, Who Is Mike Cheong?

Michael Cheong is from Penang, Malaysia. Just like you, he is always hungry to learn more because digital marketing is always moving rapidly. One must always stay current to catch it. Being a digital marketing trainer, he is super passionate to help people get on online platforms.

Since most people find the world of digital marketing to be complex because of all jargons and terms (yes, it’s sometimes like cutting through a thick unknown jungle at first), it is his joy to witness the success of others being able to gain clarity and market themselves authentically in the marketplace through digital marketing means

Here is what Michael Cheong does best:

Certified HRDF Trainer

Empowered to train and upskill the Malaysian workforce and communities

eUsahawan Trainer: Digital Marketing

Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation
Training Malaysian citizens to take their business online via digital marketing tools

Copywriter and Digital Content Producer

Creating SEO ranking blog articles and content posting to help clients rank on search engines
Michael Cheong digital marketing training penang malaysia

What Others Say about Mike Cheong

Digital Marketing Training Topics

digital marketing training penang

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
copywriting digital marketing training penang

Content and Copywriting

  • Write content that sells
  • Identifying Audience Persona
  • NLP copywriting techniques
  • Trigger words that sell
SEO digital marketing training penang

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) and Strategic Content

  • Keyword Magic
  • Strategic Planning
  • Audience Engagement
  • Content Planning
Business Branding digital marketing training penang


  • NLP Branding
  • Business Branding
  • Personal Branding

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I am available for HRDF training in digital marketing – specializing in Zero-cost marketing especially for budding businesses, intrapreneurs, and communities too.

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